Wrinkle-Relaxing injections, Botox, are micro doses of neurotoxins that are injected into skin in a bespoke manner which reduces the ability of specific muscles to contract, by doing so softens and relaxes wrinkles. With reduced movements of the muscle the skin laying above those muscles relaxes.

Botox – Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Used widely on the face to reduce dynamic wrinkle movement and lessen the static lines on the forehead, around the eyes, nose, jawline and neck. The product can also be used to eliminate jowls and tighten the lower face. Of course face and facial movements are beautiful so why would we want botox? Sometimes we can be over-expressive, causing lines to form on the face. If these lines are formed frequently over time, they can eventually cause permanent wrinkles which often can make us look older and tired.

If the muscles are relaxed, you can still make natural facial expressions, but because the contractions are not so intense, lines do not appear. In this way, it may be possible to delay or prevent wrinkles from forming.

So where do we inject and how much will it cost?

The most popular areas are: Frown lines – between the brows Crow’s feet – around the eyes Lines and furrow – on the forehead

All of the above can be booked as 1-3 areas.


1 Area £175.00
2 Areas £225.00
3 Areas £260.00

Specialist Botox Areas

Nose Slimming

To help reduce the flare of the nostril to give the appearance of a
slimmer nose.


Marionette Lines/Puppet Lines

Running from the outer corners of the lips to the outer corners of
the chin.


Gummy Smile

A smile that shows more of your gum line than you’d prefer? This
treatment goal is to reduce the hyperactive muscle responsible for
the gummy smile and to reduce the amount of gum exposure when
you smile.


Nose Tip Lift

Toxin is injected into the columella, just under the nose tip, to give a subtle tip lift.


Nose Tip Lift

Toxin is injected into the columella, just under the nose tip, to give a subtle tip lift.


Eye Widening

A small amount of toxin used directly underneath the eye to give the appearance of a more open eye.


Teeth Grinding

Toxin can also be used to eradicate bruxism (teeth grinding).



Toxin is used to control excessive sweating for the underarms, hands and feet.


Lip Flip

Toxin is placed on the edge of the lip to expose more pink of the
lip and to give the result of a fuller smile. This can be used instead
of filler or along side filler to.


Smokers Lines

Toxin is placed in the area where the lines are, close to the red
border (vermillion border) of the lip. The injections sometimes also
cause a slight eversion of the border of the lip, i.e. the lip can look
slightly fuller. 


Bunny Lines

Fine lines either side of the nose when you wrinkle it. Toxin can
effectively relax the muscle and soften the bunny lines.


Facial Slimming

Toxin is used to slim the jawline and help the face not look too masculine. It can also be used to lift the mid face with placement just under the cheeks.


Chin Dimpling

Sometimes referred to as cobblestone chin with an orange peel type appearance. Toxin can be used to inject the underlying muscle to give a smoother more even result.


Foxy Eyes

To give a subtle lift to the lateral aspect of the brow.


Nefertiti Lift

For improvement of tissue laxity, platysma bands and horizontal rhytides in the neck. The injection of toxin into the platysma muscle of the neck can also help contour the jawline and improve jowls.


Deposit & Payment

A £20 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking in order to secure your appointment. This deposit is payable over the phone or in the salon. Your deposit will be applied toward your final balance which is due on the day of your appointment. Final balance must be paid in full. We accept cash or card.


Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment or touchup, we kindly ask for 7 days notice in order to fill your appointment. If 7 days notice is not provided, your deposit may be forfeited.

If you do not show up to your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and any rescheduled appointment will need to be paid in full.